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The functions of the Library include:
  1. Collection Development: Building and managing the Centre’s cumulative collection of recorded scientific knowledge. The Library tries, to maintain not only to areas of traditional collection strength, but also to respond to new academic programme needs and opportunities in the mathematical sciences. 
  2. Organizing the collection and dissemination of information to researchers. This involves cataloguing, classification, shelving and shelf reading.
  3. Library automation. the Mathematical Sciences Library is using the KOHA Integrated Library Management System , which is a LINUX based Open Source software customized to automate its catalogue.
  4. Providing links to remote information sources through the Internet for optimal use of resources. For now, the Library does this by providing information about free resources to researchers.
  5. Interlibrary cooperation. The Library develops cooperative collection development strategies with other institutions to address weaknesses in its collection. In this regard, the Library posted the two NMC journals to its contributors, university libraries and publishers that have been collaborating with us, and we have received some publications from some of them in return.
  6. Reference and information service to users, which includes bibliographic services.
  7. Library orientation to students and library patrons.
  8. Conduct of research to improve library services.
  9. Participation in NMC workshops and professional conferences, workshops and seminars.
  10. Use of social media to communicate information about new arrivals and other information concerning the Library.
  11. Set up the NMC International Model Science Academy Library and oversee the day to day running of the Library.
  12. Administration and management functions concerning the staff of the Library


  1. Create and develop an excellent resource centre in the mathematical sciences for research, study and teaching  in Nigeria and  the West African sub-region
  2. Meet the information needs of researchers in the mathematical sciences
  3. Create a conducive atmosphere for research and learning . 


  1. Collection development, The Library maintains, not only areas of traditional collection strength, but also to respond to new academic programme needs and opportunities in the mathematical sciences. This involves calling for recommendations of books and journals, collating them, selection and submitting them for acquisition following due process,
  2. Receiving new arrivals,
  3. Cataloguing and classification of the new materials,
  4. Shelving and shelf reading,
  5. Assisting readers in searches,
  6. Charging and discharging books,
  7. Compiling and sending overdue and recall notices,
  8. Data entry into the computer,
  9. Assisting patrons in internet searches,


  1. Develop the collection, ie acquire current journals and books for the Library
  2. Maintain the collection to ensure maximum use and easy retrieval of information
  3. Training of staff in ICT and information services
  4. Upgrade the library application software                       


  1. Completion of the automation of the Library’s catalogue
  2. Inauguration of the Library building
  3. Completion and inauguration of internet connectivity in the Library
  4. Privision of information to library patrons
  5. Establishment of a model school library for the International Model Science Academy


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